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Feeling Overwhelmed?
I am here to help

Serving Miami, Florida and Surrounding Areas

Are you overwhelmed by chaos?

Even while growing up, I have always loved to be organized. I was excited to organize my toys, binders, and photos, but it wasn’t until shortly after high school that I realized I possessed a true talent and gift. 

When I became a mom, I quickly understood the importance of keeping things organized and having systems and routines to keep the household running smoothly and for my own sanity. 


I combined my love for organizing with wanting to help those I truly understand…moms. I know what it feels like to be lost amongst the chaos and to even feel that loss of identity. 


Let’s take back your life so you can spend time with the people you love and doing the things you enjoy, without the stress and constant chaos!

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With Hortensia Home Organizer, we're here to help create clarity from the chaos with customized systems to fit your needs and goals for your space(s).

Discover that peace of mind, find yourself again, all while having everyone do their part.

Get The Help You Need, Where You Need It Most...

We work with your needs, vision, timeline, and budget to help create systems that work for you so that you can utilize the spaces you love better.


Ready To Get Started?

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